Burmese leader sees cutting-edge medical innovations

Imperial College London| Fri May 12 11:03:16 EDT 2017
Burmese leader sees cutting-edge medical innovations

Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, visited Imperial's Surgical Innovation Centre last week

This included state-of-the-art simulators which recreate clinical environments - Including operating rooms, a ward, and a high-tech endovascular theatre. These highly realistic simulated environments allow medical students and healthcare professionals to practice new techniques, test new technologies and improve patient care.

During the visit, Daw Suu met with Professor Alice Gast - President of Imperial, Professor Gavin Screaton - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Desmond Johnston - Vice Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Medicine, and Dr Julian Redhead - Medical Director of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, as well as several medical researchers and surgeons.

Led by Lord Darzi, the Centre brings together multidisciplinary research, cutting edge technology, and medical expertise to develop new surgical techniques, boost medical education, and improve quality of life for patients.

Imperial has a history of supporting healthcare reform in Burma. In 2012, Daw Suu commissioned Lord Darzi and his team from the Imperial’s Institute of Global Health Innovation to conduct a strategic review of the country’s largest hospital – the Rangoon General Hospital.

Lord Darzi established the Rangoon General Hospital Reinvigoration Charitable Trust in 2013, which has supported local leadership to transform the hospital. The IGHI alongside the Charitable Trust continues to lend expertise and guidance to the hospital to support improvements to both the building’s physical infrastructure and its clinical service.

As part of efforts to rebuild capacity across Burma’s health system, Lord Darzi has also been advising the nation in reforming the country’s undergraduate medical curriculum.

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