We Are Weill Cornell Medicine
Cornell University

Nurse extraordinaire Sandra Allen-Bard Sandy Allen-Bard is a leukemia nurse practitioner in the Weill Cornell Leukemia Program. She lives on the Upper..Read More

UR Medical Center Board Honors Top Staff with Excellence Awards
University of Rochester

Ten individuals and four teams were honored by the University of Rochester Medical Center Board on Jan. 17 for their dedication, service and outstandi..Read More

Research grants on Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS, or Progeria)

Discovery of biological markers of disease in HGPS that can be assessed in human and/or mouse samples. Highest priority will be given to those markers..Read More

NIH allergist awarded Drukier Prize
Cornell University

Dr. Joshua Milner, an allergist and immunologist who has made key discoveries into the origin of previously unidentified disorders that affect childre..Read More

Roberto Docampo named UGA recipient of SEC Faculty Achievement Award
University of Georgia

Roberto Docampo, Distinguished Research Professor of Cellular Biology and Barbara and Sanford Orkin/Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, has bee..Read More

Lung probe aims to cut antibiotic overuse
The University of Edinburgh

The bedside technology can detect whether harmful bacteria are present within 60 seconds, so that patients can be treated with the right medicine quic..Read More

Case of the Day

 Unenhanced CT demonstrating a peripheral crescentic hyperdense region at the right lateral aspect of a juxtarenal aneurys Contrast-enhanced CT demons..Read More

Virtual System Works in Managing Diabetes for Hospital Patients
UCSF School Of Medicine

An innovative virtual glucose management service (vGMS) for hospitalized patients with diabetes is highly effective at maintaining appropriate glucose..Read More

New computer program detects cancer by blood sampling

UCLA researchers, working with colleagues at the University of Southern California, have developed a computer program to detect cancer based on chemic..Read More

Centering Pregnancy Adds West-Side Location | UW Health | Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority

Madison, Wisconsin - With the help of a $15,000 community grant from the March of Dimes, UW Health’s innovative CenteringPregnancy program is expandin..Read More

Halie Anderson, MD, Receives Abstract Award from AAAAI
University of Wisconsin

Congratulations to Halie Anderson, MD, second-year allergy and immunology fellow, for receiving the Asthma Diagnosis & Treatment Interest Section Fell..Read More

FDA Approves Safinamide (Xadago®) as an Add-on Treatment for Parkinson’s
Parkinsons Disease Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation alerts the community that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved safinamide tablets (Xadago®) as an add-on ..Read More

MUSC Health Blog
Medical University of South Carolina

The MUSC Health shoulder and elbow team is constantly working to provide the best orthopaedic care for our community by staying up to date on the curr..Read More

Sex-Specific Treatment Suggested for Women with Gout
Northwestern University

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis which affects over 8.3 million adults in the United States [1]. It stems from the build-up of uric acid, a co..Read More

Golden Offers a Vision of Hope at Research Forum, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin

There is no question the nation is facing difficult times. But you wouldn’t have known from the mood at the Seventh Annual Medical Student Research Fo..Read More

New Approach to Treating Parkinson's Disease to be Investigated
University of Wisconsin

A University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health researcher who studies the genetics of blood has attracted the attention of the Michael..Read More

Vampires Go to Bat for Stroke Treatment
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Vampires aren’t usually cast in the role of saviors, but stroke experts are hoping a blood thinner that mimics a chemical in vampire saliva ..Read More

Early Childhood Stress Has Lingering Effects on Health
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Stressful experiences in early childhood can have long-lasting impacts on kids' health that persist well beyond the resolution of the situat..Read More

Wisconsin Partnership Awards New Grants
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Scientists with ideas for improving cancer care and for reducing radiation exposure from CT scans were among those receiving New Investigato..Read More

Vascular Graft Bypasses Aneurysm
University of Wisconsin

A unique surgical approach developed to bypass a giant aneurysm in the brain of a young woman from Chippewa Falls may help others who need a bypass fo..Read More

Genetic Information Improves Warfarin Prescribing
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Warfarin, one of the world’s most widely used drugs, is also one of the trickiest to prescribe. Half of those who take it are at risk of ser..Read More

Psychoactive Compound Activates Mysterious Receptor
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — A hallucinogenic compound found in a plant indigenous to South America and used in shamanic rituals regulates a mysterious protein that is a..Read More

New Approach to Wound Healing Easy on Skin, Tough on Bacteria, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin

Washington, D.C. — In a presentation today (Aug. 19) to the American Chemical Society meeting, Ankit Agarwal, a postdoctoral researcher at the Univers..Read More

Restless Legs Syndrome is no Joke for Sufferers
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin — They say it's like spiders crawling up and down your legs.   Or like a tingling wave that never stops.   That's how many sufferer..Read More

Wisconsin Scientists Assemble Puzzle of Red Blood Cell Genes
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - A complete picture of all genes involved in the formation of red blood cells - and the way the genes work with key proteins - is ..Read More

Atherosclerosis Imaging Research Program Selected for Air Pollution Study
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Scientists and environmentalists have been warning us for decades that air pollution is harmful to our health.   Cardiovascular i..Read More

African-American Men at Higher Risk of False Positives in Prostate Testing
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - While an elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test can be frightening news for men, new research shows that sometimes the lev..Read More

UW to Begin Research Into Disparities in Heart and Lung Disease
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - With the help of a $5.2 million federal stimulus-program grant, the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health ..Read More

UW-Madison Launches H1N1 Study with Asthma Sufferers
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) is one of just seven research centers conducting the firs..Read More

FDA-Approved Heart Pump Could Benefit Thousands of Heart Failure Patients
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Although they have neither a pulse nor a measurable blood pressure, people with advanced heart failure lived longer and felt bett..Read More

Federal Grant Funds Production of Stem Cells at UW-Madison for Clinical Trials
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - The long struggle to move the most versatile stem cells from the laboratory to the clinic got another boost with an $8.8 million ..Read More

UW-Madison Research Finds Diabetes Goes Undiagnosed Due to Flaws in Screening
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Using one of the two major national diabetes screening guidelines misses about one-third of those with diabetes, consequently put..Read More

Missed Diabetics, Prostate Cancer Testing and More
University of Wisconsin

Recent research and patient care news at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison:   Are Doctors Missing Diabetics?..Read More

Lily's Fund Supports Epilepsy Research at UW-Madison
University of Wisconsin

One in 100 Americans has epilepsy. One of them is my daughter - a beautiful blue-eyed teenager named Lily.   Like every new mom, I anxiously awaited h..Read More

Symposium Celebrates 100 Years of UW-Madison Genetics
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - It's been an eventful 100 years.   This week, faculty, students, alumni, and friends of the Department of Genetics at the Univers..Read More

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Program Receives Funding
University of Wisconsin

A multidisciplinary team of University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health physiologists and cardiac specialists has launched a new prog..Read More

New Collaboration Launches to Advance Technology for Children’s Health
UCSF School Of Medicine

The development of new devices and technology for children’s health is often overlooked by industry because the markets are smaller compared with heal..Read More

Student Profiles
University of Oxford

The Graduate Studies Committee awards prizes each year to current or recently graduated students of NDM supervisors on the basis of their publication ..Read More

UKPDS Outcomes Model
University of Oxford

OM2 is the new and revised version 2 of the UKPDS Outcomes Model. As with the previous version (OM1), it is based on patient-level data from the Unite..Read More

David Epstein’s Flight Back to Health at Weill Cornell
Cornell University

When David Epstein — a healthy, active 41-year-old father of three — went for his annual physician checkup, he was expecting a normal appointment. His..Read More

Biophysicist Gregory M. Alushin receives White House honor for early career scientists
Rockfeller University

Gregory M. Alushin, assistant professor and head of the Laboratory of Structural Biophysics and Mechanobiology, has been chosen by President Obama as ..Read More

UNC researchers help create key diagnostic measures for gastrointestinal disorders

With no laboratory test available to diagnose functional gastrointestinal disorders, proper diagnostic criteria are critical for clinicians to make an..Read More

Lifeline achievement award

UNC Hospitals has received the Mission: Lifeline® Gold Receiving Quality Achievement Award for implementing specific quality improvement measures outl..Read More

Microneedle Patch Successful at Preventing Thrombosis in Animal Model

Dr. Zhen Gu has been hard at work creating and studying the uses of his "smartpatch"-- a patch with hundreds of micro-needles that, when applied to th..Read More

UNC-Chapel Hill awarded $19 million to study atherosclerosis risk in communities

 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center at Gillings School of Global Public Health’s has been awa..Read More

The Penrose Inquiry into acquired infection from blood products
Genetic Alliance UK

The Penrose Inquiry, a Scottish Public Inquiry into Hepatitis C/HIV acquired infection from NHS treatment in Scotland with blood and blood products, w..Read More

Scottish Cross Party Group on Rare Diseases
Genetic Alliance UK

The Scottish Cross Party Group on Rare Diseases met on June 10 2015 at the Scottish Parliament. Chaired by Bob Doris MSP, the meeting focused on two k..Read More

A Columbia Patient at the Top of Her Class
Hope & Heroes

Natalia Famous is already living up to her last name. This 21 year old is living with Sickle Cell disease and just graduated Summa Cum Laude from Merc..Read More

Impacting UK Plastic Surgery Research

RAFT hasn’t just helped patients but has helped to raise the standards of plastic and reconstructive surgery at a national and international level. Mu..Read More

Kidney disease in plantation workers
Karolinska Institutet

Poor working conditions in a hot climate with regular dehydration and mineral deficiency is probably what causes the chronic kidney disease Mesoameric..Read More