Dipesh Navsaria, MPH, MSLIS, MD Elected to AAP Council on Early Childhood Executive Committee
University of Wisconsin

Congratulations to Dipesh Navsaria, MPH, MSLIS, MD, who has been elected to Executive Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Council on Earl..Read More

Exposing the source
Queens University

Researchers at Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital have published the first the set of findings stemming from the Kingston Allergy Birth ..Read More

Researcher Bruce Gelb Named President-Elect of the American Pediatric Society
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Bruce D. Gelb, MD, has been elected President of the American Pediatric Society (APS) by the organization’s members. Dr. Gelb will serve as President-..Read More

Six new members chosen for Bouchet Graduate Honor Society
University of Wisconsin

Five UW–Madison graduate students and one postdoctoral scholar are to be inducted into a national honor society that recognizes outstanding scholarly ..Read More

Urban Medicine Students to Attend Advocacy Event at State Capitol
University of Wisconsin

The advocacy event allows physicians to interact with state legislators, as well as provide input on the state budget and other health care issues, ac..Read More

Fourth Annual GillingsX Talks Showcased Students’
UNC Global

Six students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health gave presentations about their global health..Read More

Urban Medicine Students to Attend Advocacy Event at State Capitol
University of Wisconsin

  The advocacy event allows physicians to interact with state legislators, as well as provide input on the state budget and other health care issues, ..Read More

National Children's Study Launches in Waukesha
University of Wisconsin

About 100,000 yet-to-be born children will be part of the largest study ever of the health of the American child. After 10 years of planning, the Nati..Read More

Early Childhood Stress Has Lingering Effects on Health
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Stressful experiences in early childhood can have long-lasting impacts on kids' health that persist well beyond the resolution of the situat..Read More

Wetting the Bed Could Be All in the Head
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Think brain, not bladder, when it comes to your child’s bedwetting problem. Don’t blame it on laziness, says an assistant professor of urolo..Read More

Exploring the Links Between Brain Injury and Depression
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Could an injury to a particular part of the brain "cure" depression? The answer, from a long-running study of Vietnam War veterans, seems to..Read More

Study Links Stressed Parents to Sick Children
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin — Caring for a child with health problems profoundly affects the physical health, mental health and work attendance of parents, acc..Read More

Study Focuses on 'Balanced Parenting' as a Strategy for Weight Control
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Parents may tell kids to 'eat healthy' but then confuse them by eating at fast-food restaurants.   Welcome to the world of overwe..Read More

Medical Students Make an Impact on Patients Through Research
University of Wisconsin

Medical students don't have to wait until they become practicing physicians to make a positive impact on the community.   There are numerous opportuni..Read More

Pediatrics Researcher De-Ann Pillers Named Hartwell Investigator
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Dr. De-Ann Pillers, a professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently received a Hartw..Read More

Stress Causes Poor Mental Health in Parents of Kids with Cancer
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Hospital appointments, invasive procedures and the uncertainty of their child's situation combine to produce severe stress in par..Read More

Cystic Fibrosis Doctor Back to Ancient Bones
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Teeth and leg bones from Iron Age people are showing a 21st century scientific-research team that there might be an evolutionary ..Read More

Study Details Autism's Heavy Toll on Marriages
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - The parents of grown children with autism are more likely to divorce than couples with typically developing children, according t..Read More

Four Receive 2016 UCSF Medal for Innovation, Inspiration, Impact
UCSF School Of Medicine

UC San Francisco awarded the UCSF Medal – the University’s highest honor – to four visionary leaders for their innovation, inspiration and impact in a..Read More

New Collaboration Launches to Advance Technology for Children’s Health
UCSF School Of Medicine

The development of new devices and technology for children’s health is often overlooked by industry because the markets are smaller compared with heal..Read More

Qatar comes alive once again with The Color Run
Cornell University

The Color Run, the original 5-kilometre color powder race, returned to Doha for a second installment in a kaleidoscope of color, music and health toda..Read More

BSN Student Recognized for Adolescent Health Research
University of Minnesota

This week BSN student Isatou Cham presented her research findings on diabetes care for adolescents at the fifth annual Pathways to Research program re..Read More

Labbok presented with APHA lifetime achievement award

Dr. Miriam Labbok, right, accepts the lifetime achievement award from Professor Gopal Sankaran, chair of the International Health Section awards commi..Read More

Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute awarded planning grant

Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute (CGBI), based in the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health’s Department of Maternal and Child Health, wi..Read More

Study considers how to increase health care enrollment for NC’s immigrants

Sixty-one percent of immigrants in North Carolina have no health insurance coverage, yet the average monthly premium for insurance available through t..Read More

New Focus in Medical Education on Learning to Recognize Causes of Diagnostic Errors

A few years ago, when Andrew Olson, MD, was chief resident at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, he noticed it was relatively easy to identif..Read More

New Study Finds Children and Adolescents at Risk from Medicine Intended for Pets
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Almost two thirds of households in the US own a pet and many of these households have children that either live in or visit the home. As pet owners kn..Read More

Gender, medicine, and society in colonial India
University of Oxford

The growth of hospital medicine in 19th century India created a space–albeit a very small one–for providing Western-style healthcare to female patient..Read More

Nucleolus forms via combination of active and passive processes
Princeton University

Movie caption: Researchers at Princeton studied the temperature dependence of the formation of the nucleolus, a cellular organelle. The movie shows th..Read More

Alumna Connects Women’s Health Community with Innovative Solutions
Princeton University

Meg Wirth has focused on women’s health policy since 1998, when she graduated from the Woodrow Wilson School with a Master in Public Affairs degree. U..Read More

Gestational Diabetes Increases Risk for Postpartum Depression
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Karolinska Institutet have found that gestational diabetes raises the risk of pos..Read More

Nick & Janelle Foligno Donate $500,000 to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Support of Pediatric Congenital Heart Care and Research
Nationwide Children's Hospital

National Hockey League Columbus Blue Jackets Captain Nick Foligno and his wife, Janelle, today announced a $500,000 gift to Nationwide Children’s Hosp..Read More

Nationwide Children’s Hospital to Transform Main Campus with Phase II Facilities Plan and Behavioral Health Pavilion
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Nationwide Children’s Hospital announced the details of a phase two master facilities plan today. The approximate $730 million investment will accommo..Read More

Nationwide Children’s Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Awarded Three-Year CARF Accreditation
Nationwide Children's Hospital

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has been accredited for a period of three years by CARF International. This lat..Read More

Specialized test detects bacterial infections in youngest infants with fever
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Physicians from Children’s Hospital of Michigan, UC Davis Medical Center and Nationwide Children's Hospital, in collaboration with 19 other pediatric ..Read More

Rebecca Baum Named Chief of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Division and Section of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics ::
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Rebecca A. Baum, MD, will become the new chief of the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Nationwide Children’s Hospital effective ..Read More

UTHealth’s Department of Psychiatry hosts conference on trauma research and treatment
University of Texas

 “Young Minds: Early Identification and Intervention in Behavioral Health” is the focus of this year’s Psychiatry Update, an annual conference sponsor..Read More

Rare opportunity to train with Dr Judith Solomon
University of Cambridge

‘Strange Situation’ Training Programme with Dr Judith Solomon The Strange Situation is among the most influential measures of infant mental health, an..Read More

New Women's Hospital in China Partners with UPMC
University of Pittsburgh

 Macare Women’s Hospital in Quanzhou, China, has signed an agreement with UPMC International to provide a wide range of advisory services, including p..Read More

MUSC Health Blog
Medical University of South Carolina

Some special advisers are helping select the furniture that will go in patient rooms in the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville..Read More

Maternal Age May Be Associated with Longevity
Northwestern University

A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that women who had children at an older age were more likely to live a longer..Read More

Schools remain a potential hotspot for measles transmission, even in the vaccine era
Princeton University

Measles, one of the world's most contagious diseases, can spread more quickly in schools than previously thought, according to Princeton University-le..Read More

Future leaders and a lifetime in drug development
University of Cambridge

Every year we offer you the opportunity to recognise your peers with our Cancer Research UK Research Prizes and every year we receive outstanding and ..Read More

OHSU role in “fetal origins of disease”
Oregon Health & Science University

Scientists, students, health professionals, public health officials and community advocates from around the globe will convene in Portland for the 7th..Read More

International group of pediatric brain cancer researchers receives $300K toward a cure
Oregon Health & Science University

Parents of children who died from rare cancer believe greater investment in quality research is critical An international consortium of researchers fo..Read More

Study finds incorrect use of car seats widespread among parents taking newborns home from hospital
Oregon Health & Science University

A study of 267 families at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital has revealed that 93 percent made at least one critical error — a mistake tha..Read More

Study identifies new genetic risk factors for autism
Oregon Health & Science University

“This work establishes the largest number of high-confidence genetic risk factors for autism to date and provides important insights into the underlyi..Read More

OHSU School of Nursing Awarded Grant from Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare
Oregon Health & Science University

Grant is part of a national initiative to support 1,000 nurse scholars in all 50 States Portland, Ore., February 25, 2016 –OHSU School of Nursing toda..Read More

Four Receive UCSF Medal for Innovation, Inspiration, Impact
UCSF School Of Medicine

UC San Francisco awarded the UCSF Medal – the University’s highest honor – to four visionary leaders for their innovation, inspiration and impact in a..Read More

UTHealth leaders lend voices to Texas Medical Center Women’s History Project
University of Texas

 Four women who have made significant contributions to the development and success of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHeal..Read More