Russian Scientists Create Biological Shield against Nerve Gas, Pesticides

Alexander “Sasha” Kabanov, Ph.D., led a team that has created a new way to package and deliver a potent enzyme that can reverse — and even prevent — p..Read More

Early Childhood Stress Has Lingering Effects on Health
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Stressful experiences in early childhood can have long-lasting impacts on kids' health that persist well beyond the resolution of the situat..Read More

Sequences Capture the Code of the Common Cold
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — In an effort to confront our most familiar malady, scientists have deciphered the instruction manual for the common cold. Writing this week ..Read More

UW-Madison Study: H1N1 More Dangerous Than Suspected
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin — A new, highly detailed study of the H1N1 flu virus shows that the pathogen is more virulent than previously thought.   Writing in..Read More

Doctor's Empathy May Help Cure Cold Faster
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin — Some cold medicines will shave a day off your suffering from the common cold, but they often produce unpleasant side effects.   A..Read More

Could Ancient Virus Genes Help Fight Modern AIDS?
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Almost 30 years into the AIDS epidemic, scientists have yet to find an effective vaccine against HIV, the virus that destroys the..Read More

There Could be as Many as 200 Cold Viruses
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin — Bad news for the immune system: New research has boosted the number of likely common-cold viruses waiting to make you miserable f..Read More

UW-Madison Researcher to Use CAREER Award to Study Endocrine Disrupters
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - An intricate biochemical messaging network, the endocrine system enables human bodies to grow and function properly throughout th..Read More

Volunteers Needed for UW-Madison Clinical Trial of Multiple Sclerosis Therapy
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - It sounds like a challenge from "Fear Factor," but an initial study has suggested that introducing tiny intestinal parasites into..Read More

Researchers Honored for Prostate Cancer Research
University of Wisconsin

Dr. Joshua Lang and Dr. Justine Bruce were awarded three-year grants to continue their research projects on prostate cancer treatments.   Lang, a rese..Read More

UW-Madison Scientist Studies Cryptococcus for Fungal Disease Treatments
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - It's morel season in the Great Lakes region, and many people are enjoying hunting and eating the springtime delicacies treasured ..Read More

Student Profiles
University of Oxford

The Graduate Studies Committee awards prizes each year to current or recently graduated students of NDM supervisors on the basis of their publication ..Read More

Researchers awarded grant to study strategy to improve immunotherapy response

UNC Cancer Care Director H. Shelton Earp, MD, has received a five-year, $1.74 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study a potentia..Read More

Arthritis Foundation Supports Legislation to Ensure Access to Innovative Treatments
Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation supports new bipartisan legislation introduced in the House of Representatives this week that will counteract an alarming tre..Read More

A Columbia Patient at the Top of Her Class
Hope & Heroes

Natalia Famous is already living up to her last name. This 21 year old is living with Sickle Cell disease and just graduated Summa Cum Laude from Merc..Read More

Viral escape hatch could be treatment target for hepatitis E
Princeton University

The technique that the hepatitis E virus — an emerging liver virus historically found in developing countries but now on the rise in Europe — uses to ..Read More

Dr Luke Jostins joins the Kennedy Institute
University of Oxford

The Kennedy Institute would like to welcome Dr Luke Jostins to its team of principal investigators. Luke joins the Institute as a Kennedy Trust for Rh..Read More

Crohn’s disease risk and prognosis determined by different genes, study finds
Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre

Researchers have identified a series of genetic variants that affect the severity of Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease – but surprisingly..Read More

Sex Impacts Success of Crohn's Disease Treatment
Northwestern University

Inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, cause chronic inflammation and irritation of the digestive tract. Affectin..Read More

Dean Lee, MD, PhD, to Lead Cell Therapy Programs at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Dean Lee, MD, PhD, has been named the director of the Cellular Therapy and Cancer Immunotherapy Program for Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Division ..Read More

Specialized test detects bacterial infections in youngest infants with fever
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Physicians from Children’s Hospital of Michigan, UC Davis Medical Center and Nationwide Children's Hospital, in collaboration with 19 other pediatric ..Read More

New Treatment May Boost Effectiveness of Asthma Therapy
UCSF School Of Medicine

UC San Francisco researchers have developed a new treatment strategy for asthma that acts in a completely different way than standard drugs that have ..Read More

UCSF, Pfizer Renew Research Collaboration, Citing Progress in Drug Discovery Research
UCSF School Of Medicine

UC San Francisco and Pfizer Inc.’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) have renewed an agreement to identify and develop biologic compounds again..Read More

Disabling Critical "Node" Revs Up Attack When Cancer Immunotherapies Fall Short
University of Pennsylvania

An existing drug known as a JAK inhibitor may help patients who don’t respond to the so-called checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy drugs overcome that ..Read More

Harnessing natural killers in cancer fight wins Burnet Prize
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Dr Nick Huntington is the 2016 recipient of the Institute’s Burnet Prize, an award that recognises early career scientists for their pioneering resear..Read More

Dr. Owen Witte receives award for distinguished biomedical research

The Association of American Medical Colleges recently honored Dr. Owen Witte, a researcher at UCLA, with the Award for Distinguished Research in Biome..Read More

Dr. Owen Witte receives AAMC award for distinguished research

On Sunday, November 13, 2016, the Association of American Medical Colleges honored Owen Witte, M.D., with the Award for Distinguished Research in Biom..Read More

OHSU AIDS vaccine candidate appears to completely clear virus from the body
Oregon Health & Science University

An HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate developed by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University appears to have the ability to completely clear an AIDS-c..Read More

Top researcher at Oregon Health & Science University named to pancreatic cancer Dream Team
Oregon Health & Science University

Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., who leads basic science research at OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute, will serve as a principal in the Stand Up To Cancer consorti..Read More

Computers learn to recognize molecules that can enter cells

A team of researchers from UCLA and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign originally set out to discover and design antimicrobial peptides — ..Read More

Develop A Personalized Approach for Immune Checkpoint-Based Cancer Therapy
John Hopkins Medicine

A new five-year collaboration between The Johns Hopkins University and Bristol-Myers Squibb aims to answer why some patients respond to immunotherapy ..Read More

Tested Immunotherapy Prolongs Life, Reduces Side Effect
University of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 10, 2016 – The immunotherapy nivolumab significantly increases survival and causes fewer adverse side-effects in patients with recurr..Read More

Zika Vaccines Prevent Neurological Disorders in Mice
University of Pittsburgh

Two vaccines against Zika virus developed at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have successfully conveyed immunity from female mice to p..Read More

Immunotherapy Prolongs Life, Reduces Side Effect
University of Pittsburgh

The immunotherapy nivolumab significantly increases survival and causes fewer adverse side-effects in patients with recurrent head and neck cancer, ac..Read More

Renowned Physician-Scientist Dr. Charles G. Drake Joins NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center - NewYork-Presbyterian
Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Charles G. Drake has joined NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) as director of genitourinary oncology and associate dir..Read More

Study paves the way for new autoimmune disease treatments with fewer side effects
University of Oxford

New research from our Department has raised the possibility of minimising the side effects of treatment for patients with autoimmune diseases, such as..Read More

Study paves the way for new autoimmune disease treatments with fewer side effects
University of Oxford

A research team has been using genetics to explore ways of producing new treatments for autoimmune diseases, but with significantly fewer side effects..Read More

UMN researcher named to prestigious HHMI program focused on bold investigation
University of Minnesota

His work focuses on immunosurveillance, focusing on how resident memory T cells control infections and cancer. With this appointment, Masopust hopes t..Read More

Dr. Jordan Green Receives Prestigious Presidential Early Career Award
NIH -National Institute of Health

President Obama has named NIBIB grantee Jordan J. Green, Ph.D., as one of the recipients of the prestigious Presidential Early Career Awards for Scien..Read More

Dean Lee, MD, PhD, to Lead Cell Therapy Programs
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Dean Lee, MD, PhD, has been named the director of the Cellular Therapy and Cancer Immunotherapy Program for Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Division ..Read More

Disrupting Bacterial Biofilms, Cause of Many Chronic and Recurrent Diseases
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Biofilms are communities of bacteria that adhere to a surface and are nearly impossible to eradicate when they are pathogenic, or disease-causing. For..Read More

Caterino and team pave the path to accurate UTI diagnosis
The Ohio State University

​An Ohio State medical researcher has received a $2.8 million federal grant to support a multi-institutional study that may help improve diagnosis of ..Read More

$2,510,943 from NCI to support Ohio State cancer research team
The Ohio State University

​Novel drug treatments are being tested at Ohio State with the help of a grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that supports the use of new c..Read More

Vaccinations for the Arthritis Patient
John Hopkins University

To give your immune system a fighting chance with inflammatory arthritis such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or ankylosing spondylitis,..Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Infection with Biologic Medications
John Hopkins University

If you are on a biologic medication, your immune system is altered. This puts you at a higher risk for serious infections. Please take a look at some ..Read More

Victory at Last
Harvard Medical School

Stephen Blacklow describes the shape of CD81, the first protein of its kind to have its molecular structure completely revealed. Half-buried in the oi..Read More

Scientist with Rare Disease to Lead Patient-Driven Project to ACCELERATE Research
University of Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA—An innovative, new, patient-driven natural history registry for the rare and poorly understood immune system disorder Castleman disease (..Read More

Self-renewable killer cells could be key to making cancer immunotherapy work
University of Cambridge

In order to protect us from invading viruses and bacteria, and from internal threats such as malignant tumour cells, our immune system employs an army..Read More

Cryoablation: Freezing away breast cancers | Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center
Cornell University

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: Instead of having a surgical lumpectomy to remove a breast cancer tumor, a thin needle-like device is ins..Read More

Three to receive Stanford School of Medicine’s highest honor
Stanford Medicine

A distinguished physician-scientist, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist and a lawyer with a long record of public service are this year’..Read More