UChicago Medicine gets 11th 'A' for patient safety from Leapfrog
University of Chicago

The University of Chicago Medicine earned an 11 consecutive "A" in patient safety from a prominent industry watchdog organization, according to result..Read More

We Are Weill Cornell Medicine
Cornell University

Nurse extraordinaire Sandra Allen-Bard Sandy Allen-Bard is a leukemia nurse practitioner in the Weill Cornell Leukemia Program. She lives on the Upper..Read More

21th Annual Woods Hole Immunoparasitology Meeting

Tajie, Carleigh, Jeremy, Sam and Kate attended the Woods Hole Immunoparasitology (WHIP) conference April 2-5, 2017. Carleigh, Sam and Kate had a chanc..Read More

Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics Workshop
The University of Edinburgh

Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics are increasingly becoming important molecular tools for the identification of microbial communities that are non-..Read More

Two UGA Honors students named 2017 Goldwater Scholars
University of Georgia

 University of Georgia juniors and Honors Program students Morgan Gibbs and Mallory Harris are among 240 students across the nation to be recognized a..Read More

IITM DPhil Programme Celebrates Website and Social Media Launch
University of Oxford

The Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine (IITM) DPhil programme has a fresh public face following the launch of a newly branded website an..Read More

Industry and Occupation Affect Flu Vaccination Coverage

Not surprisingly, healthcare workers are almost twice as likely to get flu vaccines as those in other occupations. However, fewer than 30 percent of w..Read More

Lung probe aims to cut antibiotic overuse
The University of Edinburgh

The bedside technology can detect whether harmful bacteria are present within 60 seconds, so that patients can be treated with the right medicine quic..Read More

Australian immunologist and Dunn School alumnus Graham Mayrhofer – obituary
University of Oxford

Thanks to his time at the Dunn School, immunology became a lifelong passion and his research interests spanned parasitic infection, inflammation and o..Read More

Sequences Capture the Code of the Common Cold
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — In an effort to confront our most familiar malady, scientists have deciphered the instruction manual for the common cold. Writing this week ..Read More

New Approach to Wound Healing Easy on Skin, Tough on Bacteria, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin

Washington, D.C. — In a presentation today (Aug. 19) to the American Chemical Society meeting, Ankit Agarwal, a postdoctoral researcher at the Univers..Read More

Wisconsin Scientists Assemble Puzzle of Red Blood Cell Genes
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - A complete picture of all genes involved in the formation of red blood cells - and the way the genes work with key proteins - is ..Read More

Donated Fat Could Play Key Role in Neurosurgery
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Donated fat removed during liposuction and chemically treated to prevent rejection could become a viable source of repair tissue ..Read More

Researchers Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Mice with FDA-Approved Drugs
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health have eliminated cervical cancer in mice with two ..Read More

African-American Men at Higher Risk of False Positives in Prostate Testing
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - While an elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test can be frightening news for men, new research shows that sometimes the lev..Read More

UW-Madison Study: Drugs May Shut Down Several Epstein-Barr Virus-Induced Diseases
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - The same virus that causes relatively mild mononucleosis, the "kissing disease," can also cause severe mono as well as several po..Read More

UW-Madison Study: Baby Boomers Survived Rock 'N' Roll Era with Hearing Intact
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Despite dire predictions about listening to loud music, members of the rock 'n' roll generation are aging with much better hearin..Read More

Wisconsin Cold-Symptom Survey Used in Research Worldwide
University of Wisconsin

Shelves in drug, discount and grocery stores are filled with dozens of products designed to fight the symptoms of the most prevalent human illness: th..Read More

Pediatrics Researcher De-Ann Pillers Named Hartwell Investigator
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Dr. De-Ann Pillers, a professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently received a Hartw..Read More

William Busse Targets a Key Factor in Asthma Among Inner-City Youth
University of Wisconsin

The typical cockroach is about the size of a human thumbnail. It likes to burrow in dark, cold spaces and can multiply faster than raindrops in a thun..Read More

Student Profiles
University of Oxford

The Graduate Studies Committee awards prizes each year to current or recently graduated students of NDM supervisors on the basis of their publication ..Read More

Australian immunologist and Dunn School alumnus Graham Mayrhofer
University of Oxford

Thanks to his time at the Dunn School, immunology became a lifelong passion and his research interests spanned parasitic infection, inflammation and o..Read More

UVA Health System's Petri named Virginia Outstanding Scientist

The University of Virginia Health System’s William A. Petri Jr., MD, PhD, was named one of Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists. The award, recognizing s..Read More

UV Light Can Aid Hospitals’ Fight to Wipe Out Drug-Resistant Superbugs

 A new tool -- a type of ultraviolet light called UVC -- could aid hospitals in the ongoing battle to keep drug-resistant bacteria from lingering in p..Read More

The Penrose Inquiry into acquired infection from blood products
Genetic Alliance UK

The Penrose Inquiry, a Scottish Public Inquiry into Hepatitis C/HIV acquired infection from NHS treatment in Scotland with blood and blood products, w..Read More

Scottish Cross Party Group on Rare Diseases
Genetic Alliance UK

The Scottish Cross Party Group on Rare Diseases met on June 10 2015 at the Scottish Parliament. Chaired by Bob Doris MSP, the meeting focused on two k..Read More

Reassortment in the influenza virus
University of Cambridge

Each year millions of people worldwide are infected with the influenza virus. New research conducted by Chris Illingworth in the Department of Genetic..Read More

JADA commentary addresses antibiotic use for dental patients with joint implants
ADA American Dental Association

January 31, 2017 Only in very few situations are prophylactic antibiotics recommended to prevent joint infection for patients with prosthetic joint im..Read More

Dentists have new training tool for dental assistants
ADA American Dental Association

 To many, the manual “Modern Dental Assisting” is the gold standard when it comes to teaching aspiring assistants in the classroom. The authors of tha..Read More

KI takes part in vaccine project for Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever
Karolinska Institutet

Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever is a life-threatening disease that is caused by a virus of the same family as Ebola and that has a mortality rate of a..Read More

Viral escape hatch could be treatment target for hepatitis E
Princeton University

The technique that the hepatitis E virus — an emerging liver virus historically found in developing countries but now on the rise in Europe — uses to ..Read More

Crohn’s disease risk and prognosis determined by different genes, study finds
Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre

Researchers have identified a series of genetic variants that affect the severity of Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease – but surprisingly..Read More

CDC guidelines for HIV prevention regimen may not go far enough, study suggests

A new study from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health suggests modifying federal health guidelines related to the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis..Read More

Dean Lee, MD, PhD, to Lead Cell Therapy Programs at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Dean Lee, MD, PhD, has been named the director of the Cellular Therapy and Cancer Immunotherapy Program for Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Division ..Read More

Specialized test detects bacterial infections in youngest infants with fever
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Physicians from Children’s Hospital of Michigan, UC Davis Medical Center and Nationwide Children's Hospital, in collaboration with 19 other pediatric ..Read More

Distraction Techniques Can Soothe Shot Anxiety During This Year’s Flu Season
Nationwide Children's Hospital

A typical visit to the pediatrician when it is time for a child to get a shot can include tears, tantrums and might not seem worth the trouble. But wi..Read More

Reducing the Duration of Antibiotics Does More Harm than Good When Treating Ear Infections in Young Children
University of Pittsburgh

In a landmark trial conducted at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, researchers have demon..Read More

My holiday wishes for evidence-based social media
University of Oxford

Imagine you are a 20-year old woman and you think you might have a urinary tract infection (UTI).  You head to google and the results suggest this You..Read More

Approaches to biofilm-associated infections: the need for standardized and relevant biofilm methods for clinical applications: Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy: Vol 0, No 0
The Ohio State University

Introduction: The concept of biofilms in human health and disease is now widely accepted as cause of chronic infection. Typically, biofilms show remar..Read More

New Women's Hospital in China Partners with UPMC
University of Pittsburgh

 Macare Women’s Hospital in Quanzhou, China, has signed an agreement with UPMC International to provide a wide range of advisory services, including p..Read More

MUSC Health Blog
Medical University of South Carolina

Some special advisers are helping select the furniture that will go in patient rooms in the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville..Read More

Disabling Critical "Node" Revs Up Attack When Cancer Immunotherapies Fall Short
University of Pennsylvania

An existing drug known as a JAK inhibitor may help patients who don’t respond to the so-called checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy drugs overcome that ..Read More

Schools remain a potential hotspot for measles transmission, even in the vaccine era
Princeton University

Measles, one of the world's most contagious diseases, can spread more quickly in schools than previously thought, according to Princeton University-le..Read More

Meet Zahra Ahmed: finalist at the Wesleyan RSM Trainee of the Year 2016
The Royal Society of Medicine

On Thursday 24 November five young doctors will compete for the coveted title of Wesleyan RSM Trainee of the Year. Marking the culmination of the Roya..Read More

Genetically Engineered T Cells Render HIV's Harpoon Powerless
University of Pennsylvania

When HIV attacks a T cell, it attaches itself to the cell’s surface and launches a “harpoon” to create an opening to enter and infect the cells.  To s..Read More

Diabetes shortens adult lifespan in Mexico City
University of Oxford

A study of 150,000 people in Mexico City has shown that diabetes accounted for at least one third of all deaths between the ages of 35 and 74. This al..Read More

Diabetes shortens adult lifespan in Mexico City
University of Oxford

A study of 150,000 people in Mexico City has shown that diabetes accounted for at least one third of all deaths between the ages of 35 and 74. This al..Read More

Some Hog Workers Developing Drug-Resistant Skin Infections Linked to Livestock
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

New Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health-led research suggests that some workers at industrial hog production facilities are not only carry..Read More

Scientists describe development of drug that could treat, prevent malaria and mosquito transmission
Oregon Health & Science University

Drug successfully tested in mice; may be major advance as malaria has developed resistance to existing treatments Scientists at Oregon Health & Scienc..Read More

OHSU AIDS vaccine candidate appears to completely clear virus from the body
Oregon Health & Science University

An HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate developed by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University appears to have the ability to completely clear an AIDS-c..Read More