UR Medical Center Board Honors Top Staff with Excellence Awards
University of Rochester

Ten individuals and four teams were honored by the University of Rochester Medical Center Board on Jan. 17 for their dedication, service and outstandi..Read More

Minnesota Valve Symposium
University of Minnesota

The fourth annual Minnesota Valve Symposium brings together local, national and international leaders in valvular heart disease and transcatheter aort..Read More

New computer program detects cancer by blood sampling

UCLA researchers, working with colleagues at the University of Southern California, have developed a computer program to detect cancer based on chemic..Read More

FDA Approves Safinamide (Xadago®) as an Add-on Treatment for Parkinson’s
Parkinsons Disease Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation alerts the community that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved safinamide tablets (Xadago®) as an add-on ..Read More

Pitt Researchers Awarded for Cancer Discoveries
University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh faculty members and University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) researchers, Yuan Chang, M.D., and Patrick S. Moore, M.D..Read More

Patient-Derived Induced Stem Cells Retain Disease Traits
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — When neurons started dying in Clive Svendsen's lab dishes, he couldn't have been more pleased. The dying cells - the same type lost in patie..Read More

Could Ancient Virus Genes Help Fight Modern AIDS?
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - Almost 30 years into the AIDS epidemic, scientists have yet to find an effective vaccine against HIV, the virus that destroys the..Read More

Faculty Q&A: Ruth Benca,
University of Wisconsin

Focused on sleep for more than 25 years, Ruth Benca, MD, PhD, describes the new clinical and research programs she directs and explains why sleep rese..Read More

Jordan Hall Renamed Pinn Hall

On September 15, 2016 the Board of Visitors voted to rename Jordan Hall (where our department is located) in honor of Dr. Vivian Pinn, a graduate of t..Read More

Karen Mohlke, PhD and Victor Garcia-Martinez, PhD named Smithies Investigators

The UNC School of Medicine selected Karen Mohlke, PhD, professor of genetics, and Victor Garcia-Martinez, PhD, professor of medicine and member of the..Read More

Research Day 2013 Boasts Record Number of Participants
Northwestern Medicine

Michelle Oliveira-Fernandes, PhD candidate in pathology, stood excitedly at her poster on Thursday, April 4, at the Ninth Annual Lewis Landsberg Resea..Read More

A Columbia Patient at the Top of Her Class
Hope & Heroes

Natalia Famous is already living up to her last name. This 21 year old is living with Sickle Cell disease and just graduated Summa Cum Laude from Merc..Read More

Out in front
University of Chicago

In 1972 Nancy Warner, SB’44, MD’49, was named chair of pathology at the University of Southern California—a promotion that made history. Warner was no..Read More

UPMC Northwest Announces Brian Durniok as New President
University of Pittsburgh

Brian Durniok has been named president of UPMC Northwest, succeeding current president David Gibbons, who will become president of UPMC Hamot on March..Read More

UCLA to play a leadership role in $21.7M? NIH grant for epilepsy research

The National Institutes of Health has funded a $21.7 million grant supporting interdisciplinary research aimed at accelerating the development of ther..Read More

Flanigan Named to Neuromuscular, Gene Therapy Leadership Roles
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Beginning January 1, 2017, Kevin Flanigan, MD, will become the director of the Center for Gene Therapy and the Neuromuscular Disorders program at Nati..Read More

Nationwide Children’s Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Awarded Three-Year CARF Accreditation
Nationwide Children's Hospital

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has been accredited for a period of three years by CARF International. This lat..Read More

UCLA researchers combat antimicrobial resistance using smartphones

A team of UCLA researchers has developed an automated diagnostic test reader for antimicrobial resistance using a smartphone. The technology could lea..Read More

Is that research trustworthy? Conference looks at using clinical trials outcomes in practice
ADA American Dental Association

Drs. Steven Offenbacher (left) and Robert Weyant, lead a discussion period as a closing to the Translating Clinical Trials Outcomes to Your Practice c..Read More

An unexpected role for epigenetic enzymes in cancer
Yale News

To better understand how cancer initiates and spreads, Yale associate professor of pathology Qin Yan turned to the field of epigenetics, which examine..Read More

Frequent genetic changes in receptor related to prostate cancer care could cause treatment resistance
University of Minnesota

Frequent genetic rearrangements in the androgen receptor could be limiting treatment options for prostate cancer patients, according to new research o..Read More

For Children With Brain Tumors, Next-Generation Sequencing May Lead to Different Diagnoses
UCSF School Of Medicine

Next-generation sequencing for patients at UCSF Medical Center is prompting changes in brain tumor diagnoses for some children and a retooling of trea..Read More

Top researcher at Oregon Health & Science University named to pancreatic cancer Dream Team
Oregon Health & Science University

Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., who leads basic science research at OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute, will serve as a principal in the Stand Up To Cancer consorti..Read More

Update on computational activities
Oregon Health & Science University

“Right now, identifying a clinically actionable genetic mutation takes weeks, even months,” said Adam Margolin, Ph.D., OHSU’s new computational biolog..Read More

Top HIV Scientists Awarded $42 Million in National Institutes of Health Funding
Oregon Health & Science University

With $42 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health, scientists from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Oregon Health &Sc..Read More

New center will make UGA a world leader in infectious disease ecology
University of Georgia

Athens, Ga. — With the launch of the new Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases, the University of Georgia is poised to become a world leader i..Read More

Pioneering Surgeons Have Been on the Forefront of Robotic Surgery
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Since the first minimally invasive robotic surgery to treat head and neck cancer at Mount Sinai in 2008 surgeons at Mount Sinai have been on the foref..Read More

New Findings Show Promise for Treatment of Graves’ Disease and Other Ocular Disorders

A new class of therapies may be on the horizon for thyroid eye disease (TED) and other destructive scarring conditions. At least 50% of patients with ..Read More

Brain Institute Receives Grant from Hillman Foundation to Advance Brain Research
University of Pittsburgh

A lead gift of $600,000 from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation will help the University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute (UPBI) launch groundbreaking inter..Read More

Open Source Cancer Data Sharing Software
University of Pittsburgh

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, UPMC and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center have teamed up to create a software resource to help invest..Read More

New Approaches to Cancer Prevention and Early Detection
NIH National Cancer Institute

The following is the last in a series of posts from senior NCI scientists and leaders on NCI’s Annual Plan and Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2017, w..Read More

Researchers Land Large NCI Grants for Liver & Esophageal Cancer Studies
The Ohio State University

Teams of OSUCCC – James scientists have received from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) two large grants for basic-research studies that could lead ..Read More

Melanoma’s Genetic Trajectories Are Charted in New Study |
UCSF School Of Medicine

An international team of scientists led by UC San Francisco researchers has mapped out the genetic trajectories taken by melanoma as it evolves from e..Read More

$85 Million Grant Supports UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute
UCSF School Of Medicine

UC San Francisco’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) has received $85 million over five years from the National Institutes of Health..Read More

Study of HIV in Macaques Confirms Clinically Viable Vaccine Paving the Way for Future Treatment for Humans
Case Western Reserve University

A new scientific study conducted by a team of leading AIDS scientists reveal results that lead the way to the development of an effective human vaccin..Read More

Dr. Gary Roberts takes office as ADA President
ADA American Dental Association

Dr. Gary Roberts takes office as ADA President October 24, 2016 New leader: Dr. Gary Roberts addresses the House of Delegates as the new ADA President..Read More

Precision Medicine Is More Than Genomic Sequencing
Cornell University

Basing decisions about cancer treatment on mutations and other somatic genomic abnormalities has become a standard of care for patients with some tumo..Read More

Precision medicine is more than genomic sequencing | Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center
Cornell University

Basing decisions about cancer treatment on mutations and other somatic genomic abnormalities has become a standard of care for patients with some tumo..Read More

Study finds what could be a key to prostate cancer progression | Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center
Cornell University

The Gleason classification for prostate cancer is by no means going away. But within the Gleason grade, the presence or absence of a DNA-repair gene m..Read More

Preventing Overdiagnosis – Where are we now?
University of Oxford

This guest blog was written by Dr David Warriner, a Cardiology Registrar, who has attended each Preventing Overdiagnosis conference since its inceptio..Read More

HIV Active in Tissues of Patients Who Received Antiretroviral Treatment, Study Shows
UCSF School Of Medicine

While successful treatment of HIV with antiretroviral medications leads to undetectable levels of virus in the blood, controls the disease and leads t..Read More

SYNERGY’s Clinician-Entrepreneur Fellowship: Fostering Innovation, Enhancing Patient Care
Geisel School Of Medicine

As they work to help heal those who are sick or injured, clinicians often develop insights into ways in which certain innovations, such as new devices..Read More

Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine Receive $2.6 Million NIH Grant to Develop Targeted Cancer Immunotherapies
Yeshiva University

October 19, 2016—(BRONX, NY)—The National Institutes of Health has awarded two co-investigators at Albert Einstein College of Medicine a five-year, $2..Read More

Protein Critical to Cell Survival Also Promotes Metastasis Independently
Cornell University

A protein that normally exists in the mitochondria of healthy cells appears to travel to the nucleus of cancer cells and promote metastasis, according..Read More

Dr. Pengbo Zhou received Daedalus Fund Award
Cornell University

The Daedalus Fund for Innovation is a program designed to foster, advance and build value around promising early-stage translational research projects..Read More

Dr. Matthew Greenblatt receives DOD grant
Cornell University

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Matthew Greenblatt in receiving a DOD grant. The award is $50k per year for two years and will allow Dr. Greenbla..Read More

Dr. Sandra J. Shin Appointed to Vice Chairman for Education
Cornell University

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Sandra J. Shin, MD, to Vice Chairman for Education, a newly created position in the Depar..Read More

NIH Awards Grant to Four New York City Medical Centers to Advance Precision Medicine
Cornell University

Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center, in collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian and NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem, have been..Read More

Departments Partner to Host NY Perioperative Hemostasis Course
Cornell University

Physicians from across the country gathered in New York for a seminar on patient blood management, hosted by the Department of Anesthesiology and the ..Read More

WCM-Q symposium shares strategies for helping struggling learners
Cornell University

Strategies for identifying and helping struggling learners were explored as teaching faculty, student counselors and college administrators met at WCM..Read More