Cause of fatal childhood disorder revealed in gene study
The University of Edinburgh

A gene involved in brain development that can lead to severe disability and infant death has been identified by scientists. Mutations in the gene caus..Read More

Marathon Risk for Non-Runners
Harvard Medical School

People who suffer heart attacks or cardiac arrests in the vicinity of an ongoing major marathon are more likely to die within a month due to delays in..Read More

Scientist Awarded $4.8 Million to Bring HIV Vaccine Closer to Human Trials
The Scripps Research Institute

JUPITER, FL – April 11, 2017 – Professor Michael Farzan, co-chair of the Department of Immunology and Microbiology on the Florida campus of The Scripp..Read More

New Study Quadruples Known Genetic Risk Factors for Fuchs Dystrophy
Case Western Reserve University

Bottom Line: Researchers discovered three novel genetic mutations associated with Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy, the most common corneal disorde..Read More

We Are Weill Cornell Medicine
Cornell University

Nurse extraordinaire Sandra Allen-Bard Sandy Allen-Bard is a leukemia nurse practitioner in the Weill Cornell Leukemia Program. She lives on the Upper..Read More

El Nino Shifts Geographic Distribution of Cholera Cases in Africa
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Cholera cases in East Africa increase by roughly 50,000 during El Niño, the cyclical weather occurrence that profoundly changes global weather pattern..Read More

Michael Caligiuri, MD, Assumes Presidency of American Association for Cancer Research
The Ohio state University

Michael A. Caligiuri, MD, director of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and chief executive officer of the Arthur G. James Cancer ..Read More

News digest – boosting lung cancer survival, a ‘Sci-Fi’ cap for brain tumours, crisps, air pollution and… go vegan?
University of Cambridge

Early findings suggest that people with cancer could be at a higher risk of suicide than those without the disease, according to the Guardian. Cancer ..Read More

Carolina Honors Nine Individuals and Groups for Public Service
UNC Global

Community-based services for the elderly, pro bono legal assistance and a refugee health program were some of the projects recognized at the Universit..Read More

Understanding Parkinson's
Parkinsons Disease Foundation

Parkinson's disease is a movement disorder that is chronic and progressive, meaning that symptoms continue and worsen over time. As many as one millio..Read More

UR Medical Center Board Honors Top Staff with Excellence Awards
University of Rochester

Ten individuals and four teams were honored by the University of Rochester Medical Center Board on Jan. 17 for their dedication, service and outstandi..Read More

Two UGA Honors students named 2017 Goldwater Scholars
University of Georgia

 University of Georgia juniors and Honors Program students Morgan Gibbs and Mallory Harris are among 240 students across the nation to be recognized a..Read More

Pitt Launches Study to Improve Treatment Options for Depressed Older Adults
University of Pittsburgh

Difficult to treat depression is very common among older adults and takes a considerable toll on their quality of life and may increase their risk of ..Read More

Six new members chosen for Bouchet Graduate Honor Society
University of Wisconsin

Five UW–Madison graduate students and one postdoctoral scholar are to be inducted into a national honor society that recognizes outstanding scholarly ..Read More

Research grants on Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS, or Progeria)

Discovery of biological markers of disease in HGPS that can be assessed in human and/or mouse samples. Highest priority will be given to those markers..Read More

Russian Scientists Create Biological Shield against Nerve Gas, Pesticides

Alexander “Sasha” Kabanov, Ph.D., led a team that has created a new way to package and deliver a potent enzyme that can reverse — and even prevent — p..Read More

Fabu Carter Earns Outstanding Women of Color Award
University of Wisconsin

Fabu Carter was named a 2016 Outstanding Woman of Color by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of the Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer...Read More

New Sinus and Allergy Center Now Open at the Eye and Ear Institute
The Ohio State University

New patients are welcome and can be seen quickly at the new Sinus and Allergy Center located at the Ohio State Eye and Ear Institute (EEI), 915 Olenta..Read More

Mount Sinai Health System Leaders to Present at 2017 Asia Health Exhibition
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai Health System clinical and executive leaders will present at the 2017 Asia Health Exhibition to be held in Singapore, April 3-5. They will..Read More

Mount Sinai Researchers Receive Major NIH Award for Autism Genetics Research -
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

$2.5 million grant extends Autism Sequencing Consortium through 2022 to collect genetic data of more than 50,000 individuals Researchers from the Icah..Read More

Big Lots Partners
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Big Lots (BIG), announced today the relaunch of their national point-of-sale fundraising campaign to benefit Nationwide Children's Hospital, in their ..Read More

The Dale Jr. Foundation’s Driven to Give Gloves Program
Nationwide Children's Hospital

 The successful Driven to Give Gloves campaign will kick off at Martinsville Speedway this weekend to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital and four ..Read More

Prostate Cancer Foundation Scholar-in-Training Award Recipients
Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Prostate Cancer Foundation Scholar-in-Training Awards recognize promising young cancer researchers presenting outstanding proffered papers relatin..Read More

Where CRI Funds
Northwestern Medicine

Checkpoint immunotherapies targeting CTLA-4 and PD-1 have been approved for multiple cancers. However, there are many types of cancer that have yet to..Read More

Letter to Jeremy Hunt MP
Genetic Alliance UK

On Monday 27 March 2017, together with the help of our members we sent a letter to Jeremy Hunt MP asking for a halt to proposed changes to the highly ..Read More

Virtual System Works in Managing Diabetes for Hospital Patients
UCSF School Of Medicine

An innovative virtual glucose management service (vGMS) for hospitalized patients with diabetes is highly effective at maintaining appropriate glucose..Read More

Halie Anderson, MD, Receives Abstract Award from AAAAI
University of Wisconsin

Congratulations to Halie Anderson, MD, second-year allergy and immunology fellow, for receiving the Asthma Diagnosis & Treatment Interest Section Fell..Read More

Helping Patients Deal with Confusing Medical Bills Through Calm Perseverance
Cornell University

Weill Cornell Medicine patient, Sharon, was shocked when she received a large bill after an appointment. As it turned out, she didn’t know that the ph..Read More

Former White House Drug Czar To Join Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Michael Botticelli, MEd, former White House Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, will join the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Pu..Read More

Bringing China’s greatest novel to modern readers
Brown University

In the 1980s, when Dore J. Levy was a newly minted assistant professor specializing in Chinese language and literature, a colleague asked her to write..Read More

Charity celebrates research success
The University of Edinburgh

Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory have aided global research efforts to improve the treatment of babies born early. Experts gathered with families an..Read More

UW Doctors Present at Danish Ophthalmological Society Meeting
University of Wisconsin

Neal Barney, MD, Service Chief of the Department’s Cornea Service, was invited to organize a session for the Danish Ophthalmological Society meeting h..Read More

Julia Browne Selected for GEAB Impact Award

Julia Browne, a graduate student in Clinical Psychology, is the recipient of a 2017 Graduate Education Advancement Board Impact Award. The longstandin..Read More

FDA Approves Safinamide (Xadago®) as an Add-on Treatment for Parkinson’s
Parkinsons Disease Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation alerts the community that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved safinamide tablets (Xadago®) as an add-on ..Read More

Attend Half-Day Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Conference
The Ohio State University

A free half-day conference focused on providing the most relevant information to head and neck cancer patients, families and caregivers will be held S..Read More

MUSC Health Blog
Medical University of South Carolina

The MUSC Health shoulder and elbow team is constantly working to provide the best orthopaedic care for our community by staying up to date on the curr..Read More

Inclusive Campus Climates May Lower Sexual Assault Risk
University of Pittsburgh

In a complementary study, the researchers found that some minority groups are at considerably higher risk for sexual assault in college than peers in ..Read More

New partnership launches Carolina Hepatitis Academic Mentorship Program

 The North Carolina Division of Public Health, Duke University Medical Center and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have partnered t..Read More

Sex-Specific Treatment Suggested for Women with Gout
Northwestern University

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis which affects over 8.3 million adults in the United States [1]. It stems from the build-up of uric acid, a co..Read More

Uncorking a Wine-Related Cancer Treatment, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Resveratrol — that intriguing substance that seems to make red wine heart-healthy — is being proposed for clinical trials later this year ag..Read More

Patient-Derived Induced Stem Cells Retain Disease Traits
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — When neurons started dying in Clive Svendsen's lab dishes, he couldn't have been more pleased. The dying cells - the same type lost in patie..Read More

New Approach to Treating Parkinson's Disease to be Investigated
University of Wisconsin

A University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health researcher who studies the genetics of blood has attracted the attention of the Michael..Read More

Worried Brains Yield Treatment Clues
University of Wisconsin

 A network of emotion-regulating brain regions implicated in the pathological worry that can grip patients with anxiety disorders may also be useful f..Read More

Vampires Go to Bat for Stroke Treatment
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Vampires aren’t usually cast in the role of saviors, but stroke experts are hoping a blood thinner that mimics a chemical in vampire saliva ..Read More

Proactive Fertility Preservation, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Men facing a diagnosis of testicular cancer should take a few days to consider how to preserve their fertility before launching into chemoth..Read More

Genetic Information Improves Warfarin Prescribing
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Warfarin, one of the world’s most widely used drugs, is also one of the trickiest to prescribe. Half of those who take it are at risk of ser..Read More

Exploring the Links Between Brain Injury and Depression
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — Could an injury to a particular part of the brain "cure" depression? The answer, from a long-running study of Vietnam War veterans, seems to..Read More

Mending a Broken Heart With Stem Cells
University of Wisconsin

MADISON — A little more than a year after University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists showed they could turn skin cells back into stem cells, they have..Read More

Human Proteomics Program Provides New Research Opportunities
University of Wisconsin

Proteomics – the study of the proteins encoded by a genome – has the potential to transform biomedical research. The University of Wisconsin-Madison i..Read More

UW Cancer Doctor Gets Leukemia Grant
University of Wisconsin

A UW Health pediatric cancer specialist will receive a $330,000 grant from the St. Baldrick's Foundation for research into the causes of acute myeloid..Read More