UW-Madison Researchers Exploring Vitamins, Nutrients for Cancer Prevention
University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin - While cancer prevention in the future may never be as simple as sipping green tea or eating watermelon, a researcher at the Unive..Read More

UCLA In the News November

Dr. Alon Y. Avidan, the director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, says the fall time switch is certainly easier on the body than when we lose an ho..Read More

Her Highness celebrates five years of Sahtak Awalan
Cornell University

In the five years that Sahtak Awalan has been operating it has made a real impact on the health landscape of Qatar, influencing and educating the comm..Read More

'NutriPhone' startup joins Cornell's McGovern incubator
Cornell University

Put healthful eating in the palm of your hand: VitaMe Technologies – the Cornell startup group that makes NutriPhone for personal nutrition testing – ..Read More

Studying the health benefits of dates
Cornell University

Researchers at WCM-Q are using state-of-the-art technologies to discover the health-promoting properties of a food that has special significance for M..Read More

Surprising Factors Determine Successful Aging
Cornell University

Motion is medicine; social interaction prolongs life; walking with friends accomplishes both — and Cornell health experts from three campuses, includi..Read More

Symposium honors food prize winners, biofortification work
Cornell University

The World Food Prize last week recognized the growing role biofortification plays in global health by naming four laureates for making staple foods mo..Read More

Microbiota affect the rate of transplant acceptance and rejection
University of Chicago

June 20, 2016 Researchers from the University of Chicago have shown that microbiota -- the bacteria, viruses and other microbes living on the skin and..Read More

Canadian Cardiovascular Society Sets New Guidelines for Management of Lipid Metabolism Disorders that Affect Cholesterol and Cause Atherosclerosis

The Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) has published an important update to its guidelines for the management of dyslipidemia - lipid metabolism di..Read More

Got drugs? OHSU hosts prescription drug ‘take-back’ event Sept. 26
Oregon Health & Science University

09/10/15  Portland, Ore. Help prevent accidental overdoses, harm to the environment by properly disposing of unused, expired drugs OHSU invites the pu..Read More

Opinion: A varied diet can prevent diabetes – but can you afford it?
University of Cambridge

Annalijn I Conklin, University of California, Los Angeles; Nita Forouhi, University of Cambridge, and Pablo Monsivais, University of Cambridge In a st..Read More

Which is Worse: Diner Foods
Indiana University

Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast or a down-to-earth dinner, you can’t go wrong with your local diner. Where you can go wrong: choosing items ..Read More

Yeast study suggests a third of all genes are involved in metabolism
University of Cambridge

Differences in the amino acid content of yeast strains with individual genes knocked out Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute and the University ..Read More

Which Soups Are Worse For Your Health?
Indiana University

Chase away the chill this season without slurping up too much fat or calories. WHICH IS WORSE: Chicken noodle soup or minestrone Chicken noodle soup. ..Read More

The Truth About Supplements
Indiana University

More than half of Americans take dietary supplements regularly, according to recent research. In fact, sales of supplements in the United States in 20..Read More

Study shows new role for B-complex vitamins in promoting stem cell proliferation
University of Georgia

Athens, Ga. - Folates can stimulate stem cell proliferation independently of their role as vitamins, according to a collaborative study from the Unive..Read More

4 Snack-time Mistakes You may Be Making
Indiana University

There’s nothing wrong with munching between meals. In fact, says Indiana University Health dietitian Rachel Zimmerman, “a snack is a great opportunity..Read More

Which is Worse: Ballpark Foods
Indiana University

None of the fare at a ballpark is healthy, but some treats are worse than others. Here are some helpful suggestions from Indiana University Health die..Read More

Breaking News: What the FDA’s New Nutrition Labels Mean For Your Family
Indiana University

Shopping for healthy food is about to get easier thanks to the new-and-improved Nutrition Facts labeling requirements that were recently announced by ..Read More

New Mount Sinai Support Groups Will Address the Needs of Parkinson's and Dystonia Patients and Their Caregivers
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Patients with movement disorder have a new path to assistance as The Mount Sinai Medical Center launches four new support groups for patients with con..Read More

Simple Smoothie Popsicles
Indiana University

Making your own popsicles couldn’t be easier, and when you make them out of healthy smoothie ingredients you can eat them any time of day, guilt free...Read More

Utah Poison Control Center Celebrates the 54th Annual National Poison Prevention Week
University of Utah

(SALT LAKE CITY) – In 1961, the United States Congress designated the third week in March each year as National Poison Prevention Week (NPPW), a time ..Read More

Dietary Deficiency

Athens, Ga. - A new study by University of Georgia researchers shows that despite the availability of fortified foods, many older adults suffer from d..Read More

Winterizing Your Skin

Summertime skin care is the frequent focus of fashion magazines and lotion companies. But what are some good, overall tips for wintertime skin care? D..Read More